The Hi-Line Climbing Center Classes

Bouldering Essentials

Now is your chance to see how fulfilling and challenging bouldering can be. Bouldering requires different movements and techniques than roped climbing. Spotting and falling will be a focus as well so everyone can boulder safely. In this class we will teach you these skills so you can experience The Hi-Line to your highest potential. This is a great way to stay in shape and find those muscles that you never knew you had! 1 hr

*Please call our gym to register for the class
*When: Sunday 9am, Tuesday 8pm
*Members: Free
*Non-Members: $25 (day pass and rental gear included)
*Stay tuned for our yoga classes

Women’s Climbing Clinic

Ladies this clinic is just for you. This unique experience will allow you to climb with other women of different ages and climbing abilities. Every week you will learn a new skill in climbing, while building on the skill you learned the week before. Still hesitant? Bring a friend – not only will you enjoy the time together, but you will meet other active women. This class is about learning new climbing techniques in a fun, safe, and comfortable environment. Call to sign up or show up for our first day of class and have a blast!

When:  September Thursdays 6:30 – 8pm
Sept 7: It’s the Feet
Footwork basics to get you going
Sept 14: Training for Success
Building a foundation for climbing
Sept 21: Inner Voices
Movement visualization and mapping
Sept 28: Between a rock and a hard place
Advanced techniques to conquer hard routes

Members FREE
Non-member $40 (includes membership for that month)
Non-member drop in $10/session

Team Building

Need to boost your office moral? Want to bring the family closer together? Need to get the team on the same page? Team building is a great way to get everyone involved and learn how to work together and trust one another. A wide spectrum of groups can participate: family, friends, schools, camps, youth groups, corporations, you name it. We will provide a great experience for everyone involved. We are also willing to work with you to create a program that is specific to your needs such as fitness, problem solving, team building, etc.Don’t know if your group would be interested in climbing? Climbing has become one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Climbing provides a great workout while at the same time being fun. It challenges you physically as well as mentally. Climbing creates self-confidence and trust in those around you.*Please contact our office for pricing and scheduling.