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The Hi-Line Climbing Center Classes

Bouldering Essentials

Bouldering (what we do at the Hi-Line) is incredibly rewarding. It is physical and mental problem solving. It will get you fit in ways that you wouldn’t believe, but it will also give you a workout that you won’t be able to stop thinking about until you “solve the problem”. Here at the Hi-Line we think everyone should have a chance to learn it right the first time. That is why we don’t charge for impromptu lessons. We will literally give you a free lesson any time you come in. Bouldering is incredibly social anyways, so why not make the lessons free to help climbers get their feet under them. Of course, impromptu lessons aren’t for everyone, so if you’d like to schedule a lesson we can do that too. Just call into the gym and we will line up your instructor based on what you want to accomplish. Male and female instructors are available.

*Please call our gym to register for a lesson
*Members: Free
*Non-Members: $15 day pass and $5 rental gear)


Team Building

Need to boost your office moral? Want to bring the family closer together? Need to get the team on the same page? Team building is a great way to get everyone involved and learn how to work together and trust one another. A wide spectrum of groups can participate: family, friends, schools, camps, youth groups, corporations, you name it. We will provide a great experience for everyone involved. We are also willing to work with you to create a program that is specific to your needs such as fitness, problem solving, team building, etc.Don’t know if your group would be interested in climbing? Climbing has become one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Climbing provides a great workout while at the same time being fun. It challenges you physically as well as mentally. Climbing creates self-confidence and trust in those around you.*Please contact our office for pricing and scheduling.