Kinder Climbers

Kinder Climbers are some of our favorite people. We know kids climb on everything. The Hi-Line is a place where they are supposed to do that. At the Hi-Line we create special routes just for kids ages 2-5. Climbing for kids at this age often comes naturally, but they also need a supporting hand every once in a while. Our staff is happy to help you coach you on how to help your own little kid through beginning a climbers journey. The steps are simple and you and your kiddo can explore our gym at your own pace. Kinder climbers are only $7 for their pass and their rentals, but if an adult is climbing with them they are FREE! We know it can be hit or miss with kids activities, so we try to make it as cheap as possible for you. Let us know what we can do to help you get your littlest littles climbing today.