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High School Climbing Club

The high school climbing club is a way for young adults to learn rock climbing while having fun with their friends. The clubs are a way to be creative, get strong and make friends. Although the club days and times are set up for specific clubs, we welcome club members to come in any time and also drop in on each other’s club times. If you have a high school group not currently represented in these clubs you can simply drop in on whichever club you want or call the Hi-Line and we can set up a time for your club too or if you are in another high school club and want to bring a group in for a single day, give us a call and we can set you up with special pricing.

Mondays 5PM-7PM
Sundays 1PM-3PM

Discounted $36/month membership (incl. equip. rentals). (Reg. $48)
Discounted Day Use $10 (Pass + Rentals) (Reg. $14)